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Email Marketing for You and Your Planet
We have two programs for those who understand the importance of email marketing and the environment: the Partner Program for consultants, coaches, and marketers, and the Affiliate Program for those who wish simply make referrals and collect a referral fee.
Partner Program

Email marketing is the smartest way to stay top-of-mind with prospects, referral sources and even current and past clients. The smartest way to do email marketing is with Green Wave Email Marketing. They offer an incredibly flexible platform, ...... More
   - Steven Skyles-Mulligan, Executive Director
     Evoke Strategies

If you are a business consultant, a coach, a marketing expert, or similar specialists who advises organizations and companies, and who would be happy to recommend Green Wave Email Marketing as a communication tool for clients, we provide the following benefits:
  • Free use of Green Wave EM for email lists of up to 5,000 email addresses
  • Unlimited and in-depth pre-sale support and technical support
  • Referral fee of 10% of first year sales for new clients brought in
Our Partner Program members are expected to bring in at least one new client per six month period, and are requested to write a short piece twice per year on their experience with Green Wave EM, to the existing clients.

To sign up, contact us at (718) 229-2609 or fill out the form below. If you meet the above general criteria but with some variations, feel free to call so we can discuss the possibilities.

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Affiliate Program
If you have a Web site or a newsletter and reach owners of small or medium-sized businesses, you can fill out the form below to make a referral. If a referred organization signs up with Green Wave Email Marketing within one year, or uses other Internet marketing services of Opal Computing during that time, you will receive 15% of all gross income received for those services.

To sign up and for any questions, contact us at (718) 229-2609 or fill out the form below. Coming soon there will also be an option to provide a link on your Web site or newsletter, to gather referrals and corresponding referral fees.

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