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Email Marketing for You and Your Planet
Green Wave offers the standard functionality you expect for email marketing as well as numerous product innovations that make it stand apart. Selected features:
Easy To Use
  • Intuitive graphical user interface
  • Option to design your newsletter or invitation in Green Wave, or in a word processing program, or in a professional Web design program
  • Notifies you when the broadcast is finished, after the last email actually goes out rather than when the program finishes running

  • After examining other online communication programs, I decided that nothing I found compared to the Green Wave Email Marketing software that Opal Computing created....... More
       - Gayle Naftaly, President

  • Automatic de-duplication of email addresses, while allowing update of key information such as name and broadcast group membership
  • Full handling of unsubscribes, including protection against accidental re-add of unsubscribed users
  • Full handling of bounces, with flexible purging of addresses that have multiple bounces
  • Tracks the number of times and by whom a message is opened
  • Tracks who clicks on each link in your newsletter, and gives a total count; this helps determine the effectiveness of advertisements and other marketing content in your newsletter
  • Free option to use Smart Sense Greeting, which uses a person's name when available, e.g. "Dear Mary,"
  • The Smart Sense Greeting disappears if name information is not in your database. Punctuation is automatically added as well, or specify your own
  • FlexGroup feature allows creating groups using logical criteria or importing directly. And you can assign each email address to zero, one, or more groups
  • Allows broadcast to selected groups, chosen individually or from a panel of all the groups
Collaborative and Green
  • Links to the Opal Summit E-commerce system, allowing management and payment for meetings, seminars, and conferences since 2003. Integrate email and e-commerce systems to bring people together
  • With Collaborative Marketing, administrators can merge multiple organization lists and groups for combined campaigns without risking organizational email list privacy
  • For list of green features, see Home Page
Compliant and Secure
  • Compliant with CAN-SPAM Act of 2003
  • Runs on highly-secured Hostek.com servers, monitored 24x7x365
  • High mailbox entry percent as measured by email server third-party rating services
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Want to walk gently on the planet? Get a CarbonFund.org certificate for your company:
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Answer the easy questions, pay the carbon cost, and send us your CarbonFund.org certificate (PDF) file. We will post it in every email that you send out via Green Wave EM.
Find out more about the charities that we currently support, in these categories: Animal Rights, Biodiversity, Conservation, Cultural Change, Education, Legal, Policy, Pollution, Population, Research

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