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Carbon Neutral Certification
Make your organization carbon neutral at CarbonFund.org and email to us the Carbon Offset Certificate that you receive from CarbonFund.org, a non-profit, multiply-certified, UN-backed carbon neutral services organization; the certificate (in Acrobat .pdf format) shows your organization name, the transaction date, and the amount of carbon that has been offset.

We link the image into your newsletters so that every newsletter going out will show that your organization is a good citizen of the planet. It will also encourage other individuals and organizations to be environmentally responsible, and will make all of us think more seriously about what we can do for the planet.
Environmental / Cultural Non-Profit Charities ^ top
We donate 5% of gross revenue to up to two charities of your choice, from the list below. Your choice will be accepted during the initial registration process. You can update your choices as part of each annual renewal of your Green Wave Email Marketing subscription.
Organization (click below for details) Category 1 Category 2
Center for Biological Diversity Biodiversity Legal
Center for Watershed Protection Research Education
Coral Reef Alliance Conservation Education
Earthjustice Legal Education
Friends of the Earth Policy Conservation
International Association for Human Values Cultural Change Education
International Fund for Animal Welfare Animal Rights Cultural Change
International Planned Parenthood Federation/Western Hemisphere Region Population Education
Jane Goodall Institute for Wildlife, Research, Education & Conservation Conservation Cultural Change
Natural Resources Defense Council Conservation Pollution
Community ^ top
Various companies and organizations that are using Green Wave Email Marketing are featured weekly in the right-hand margin. This allows others to see your name and logo, as well as to jump to your Web site or send an email to the designated person while maintaining the privacy of that person's email address. Make a short statement about what you are doing to help the environment, and even better things can happen.
Other Actions ^ top
Updated March 25, 2012

We also allow you to choose what quotes appear in your newsletters, taken from the large library of quotes at PlanetThoughts.org. Other features are also being considered. Keep your eye on this space!
Visit this featured member of our environmentally-friendly user community: "Excellence in Direct-Hire Recruiting and Temporary Staffing"
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Want to walk gently on the planet? Get a CarbonFund.org certificate for your company:
Click to see the full-sized certificate
Answer the easy questions, pay the carbon cost, and send us your CarbonFund.org certificate (PDF) file. We will post it in every email that you send out via Green Wave EM.
Find out more about the charities that we currently support, in these categories: Animal Rights, Biodiversity, Conservation, Cultural Change, Education, Legal, Policy, Pollution, Population, Research

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