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Email Marketing for You and Your Planet
What is the new green economy?

When I became actively concerned with environmental issues, and started studying them in 2006, I began to understand that changing the health of the planet will require changes in society's attitudes at all levels. Daniel Quinn speaks of this a great deal, and many others including my most recent personal discovery, called Dark Mountain Project, are speaking about culture change and changes of the "myths" we tell ourselves in the developed world.

So after creating the PlanetThoughts.org Web site to share important environmental and cultural news, I began to consider how to make my business activity serve the environment, and perhaps to function in a different manner as well. The result was Green Wave Email Marketing, based on an existing platform that I ran since 2005 for broadcasting e-newsletters and other electronic announcements, but now including educational aspects, collaborative marketing, and built-in incentives to be a good environmental citizen.

As indicated by the Wikipedia article quoted below, and in many other sources, the new green economy includes factors such as costs of external inputs, happiness of humans, health of the animal and plant populations of the planet, and the long-term sustainability of individual, government, and busines practices. And the new green economy supports a triple bottom line (also known as the TBL).

What is the "Green Wave"?

Pressures towards change are mounting from:

  • fuel cost increases due to peak oil, and greater difficulty extracting all fossil fuels
  • predicted and visible planetary climate change and warming
  • shortages of resources such as food and fresh water due to population growth and increased consumption by more people.

Implementations of an environmentally-influenced and ultimately an environmentally-based economy is inevitable.

That is the Green Wave to which I refer in the name of Green Wave Email Marketing. It is positive in every sense to be part of the new global direction, a direction that is good for people, planet, and profits, as the triple-bottom-line advocates describe this paradigm.

From Wikipedia:

'Green' economy is a fast growing new economic development model in contrast to the existing 'black' economic model based on fossil fuels, such as coal, petroleum, and natural gas. The green economy is based on a knowledge of Ecological economics that aims at addressing the interdependence of human economies and natural ecosystem and the adverse impact of human economic activities on climate change and global warming. In the midst of the global economic crisis, the UNEP United Nations Environment Program called for a global Green New Deal according to which governments were encouraged to support its economic transformation to a greener economy.[1]

Green economy includes green energy generation based on renewable energy to substitute for fossil fuels and energy conservation for efficient energy use. The green economy is considered being able to both create green jobs, ensure real, sustainable economic growth, and prevent environmental pollution, global warming, resource depletion, and environmental degradation.

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